MakeSense Manifesto

Shoulder to shoulder with social entrepreneurs.

Social entrepreneurs find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Our mission is to accelerate their impact by connecting them with supercool individuals ready to take up their challenges.

No borders community.

When sharing our mission, anyone, anywhere can easily join. To extend our reach until there are no more social issues to be solved, we will look for opportunities everywhere and partner with organizations sharing our mission and committed to making a real difference. The strength and power of our global community comes from the impact of every local volunteer, organization and institution!

Volunteering made easy.

To enable anyone to help, we create problem-solving workshop methodologies in which there is no good or bad idea; No special skill or special background is needed, just your own personality! You don’t need to register and dedicate a certain amount of time, you can do whatever you want and enjoy doing. Every problem is a new opportunity to meet new people, be creative, share and find a solution! We celebrate every success and keep a positive mindset in every situation!

Perpetuous innovation to hack all challenges.

We constantly create new tools to be able to solve every kind of challenge and adapt to every situation. In the community, everyone is free to launch their own initiatives, improve existing ones, connect new people and partners who share our mission. We train every happy volunteer and give them the tools to be able to have an impact. By combining people, creative thinking and technology, we will find the most innovative solutions to the world problems. By experimenting, trying, sometimes failing and learning, we solve them.

Powered by the creative commons.

Both our community and our methodologies are open to everyone.You are free to share, copy and redistribute our materials. Contribute, adapt, remix, transform and build upon them as long as you give appropriate credit to MakeSense; Indicate when changes have been made and keep it non commercial (more info on the licence).

No strings attached.

In order to keep our flexibility and agility, we will stay as independent as possible. with constraints and limited resources we will just have to be more innovative everyday, and look for opportunities everywhere. However, we are always open to partnerships with organizations committed to make a real difference.